Advanced Nitrile Examination Extra Sensitive Gloves (Box of 200)

NITREX Extra Sensitive examination gloves are manufactured from a high quality nitrile formulation resulting in a strong performing glove with a high level of tactile sensitivity.

The advanced thin film technology utilised in the manufacture process results in a glove, which provides outstanding barrier protection against viruses, bacteria, chemicals and has been tested for permeation performance against 13 chemotherapy drugs.


Single-use, powder-free nitrile examination gloves
Formulated for high levels of strength and tactile sensitivity
Micro-textured fingertips provide good grip
Ambidextrous design for greater versatility
Powder-free for reduced risk of contamination and allergy
Certified for resistance to viral penetration (F1671)
Beaded cuff for increased resistance to tear
Latex-free for reduced risk of allergic skin reaction
Force at Break of 6 Newtons
Supplied in a box of 200 individual gloves

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